Announcing the Children's Resilience Survey for Students in Grades 2-5

by Nina Kumar

Posted on January 22, 2021

Children's Resilience Survey

Authentic Connections has launched the Children’s Resilience Survey (CRS), a reimagining of our Student Resilience Survey (SRS) for students in grades 2-5. We know from developmental science that anxiety and depression can begin affecting children at a young age, and we are committed to helping our partner schools proactively address factors impacting the resilience and well-being of all members of their communities. We believe it is crucial to support students during their formative years, especially during times of extreme uncertainty.

The WBI measures four symptom areas that have been increasing among youth in recent years: anxiety, depression, rule breaking behaviors, and substance use. Additionally, the WBI measures a fifth area: isolation at school. School based relationships can strongly affect students’ well being and, accordingly, this kind of information about school climate can be valuable for school administrators who hope to build student resilience.

The CRS mirrors the Student Resilience Survey, measuring levels of anxiety and depression in relation to modifiable aspects of student life. Schools that administer the CRS will gain invaluable insight into the mental health of their young students and walk away with clear actionable steps that can be taken to better support them.

Several changes were made to ensure that the CRS is developmentally appropriate for students in grades 2-5. The CRS differs from the Student Resilience Survey in these key areas:

  • Survey contents are age-appropriate, specifically designed to capture aspects of younger students’ everyday lives
  • Survey language is simple enough for young students to understand and respond to accurately, ensuring that data gathered is valid and actionable
  • Question response scales are accompanied by a visual guide, helping students accurately report their feelings with minimal adult assistance
Schools that administer the Children’s Resilience Survey will receive interactive dashboards that allow school leaders to view all measures by demographic groups (such as grade, ethnicity, and gender). This information can be used to more accurately target groups of students who may need additional support. In addition to a comprehensive report and analysis of quantitative data, the interactive dashboards also contain verbatim data from open-ended questions asking students to share concerns, suggestions, and feedback. Based on analyses of quantitative and qualitative measures, Authentic Connections will provide schools with recommendations and prioritized focus areas to improve students’ mental health.

Younger students need special attention during times of uncertainty; now is the best time to understand your students’ mental health and take proactive steps to ensure their well-being. We would love to collaborate with you to foster resilience in your community. Complete the interest form to get started today!

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