Announcing the Parent Resilience Survey

by Nina Kumar

Posted on March 30, 2021

Parent Resilience Survey

At Authentic Connections, we know from science that students’ well-being is inextricably tied to the well-being of their primary caregivers. To that end, we’ve created the Parent Resilience Survey (PRS) to help our partner schools better support parents and families in their school communities. As with faculty and staff, it is important to understand which modifiable factors tend to be most strongly linked with positive well-being and low burnout in the caregiving role.

Guided by research, the PRS provides schools with insight into facets of parents’ own well-being, and perceptions about school experiences that can optimize their positive feelings. These include parents’ views of their children’s mental health and the school’s efforts to promote positive youth development, as well as their satisfaction with essential aspects of the school experience such as communication with administrators and teachers, quality of relationships among adults and children, issues of equity / inclusion, and the availability of academic supports. When combined with AC’s surveys for students and faculty/staff, the PRS allows schools to gather a holistic view of mental health within their own communities.

Insights from the PRS empower school leaders with the tools necessary to engage parents in collaborative conversations around the work the school is doing to support students academically and emotionally. As with our other surveys, schools that administer the PRS walk away with powerful insights into their community’s mental health, and clear focus areas with actionable steps to improve well-being among all stakeholders involved.

The PRS includes items measuring parents’ perception of:

  • their own well-being and stress levels
  • their children’s mental health
  • their children’s time usage (e.g., homework, screen time, extracurriculars)
  • relationships within the school community
  • the school’s communication and responsiveness to concerns
  • the school’s DEI initiatives
  • their likeliness to recommend the school to others.

The Parent’s Resilience Survey also includes open-ended questions asking parents to share concerns, suggestions, and feedback about experiences with the school.

Results from the PRS are presented via interactive dashboards that allow school leaders to view all measures by demographic groups (such as length of time in school community, ethnicity, and gender). The dashboards identify parent groups who may benefit from additional focus and increased communication. Integrating findings from both quantitative and qualitative analyses, Authentic Connections provides schools with specific recommendations, each tied to prioritized focus areas for engaging parents in community well-being initiatives.

As the final months of the school year approach, now is the best time to assess your community’s satisfaction with school programs. Complete the interest form to get started today!

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