AC Thanks Ashley for Her Incredible Work as Director of Research

by Nina Kumar

Posted on August 20, 2020


Ashley Ebbert, who has served as Director of Research for Authentic Connections since November 2019, will be stepping back from her duties in August to pursue a clinical internship full-time at the University of Southern California. While her internship responsibilities will undoubtedly be time-intensive, we’re delighted that she will continue to work with the AC team as and when her schedule permits.  

Ashley has been a much-valued, core member of AC since its earliest days.  She has played a central role in developing and refining surveys and working closely with partner schools.  Ashley has been the lead person in all data analyses and in summarizing critical findings, both for individual schools and for research publications.  Even as she was working on her own doctoral studies, she co-authored five peer-reviewed research papers with our team, on topics related to resilience in youth, families, and schools.

Ashley was often the main point of contact for our partner schools, and to all collaborations, she brought much-appreciated attention to detail, helpfulness, and ability to quickly return results. This combination of skills allowed us to work with over 70 schools during the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following their experiences in working with Ashley, many school leaders shared words of this nature: “The ease and speed of your process has been remarkable… Thank you for your quick provision of the results and analysis, this allowed us optimal time to integrate and plan.”

Dr. Lisa Pao, who recently joined the AC team, will assume Ashley’s previous responsibilities as Director of Research moving forward. We wish Ashley the best of luck in her internship and on its completion in a few months, her officially receiving the title of Dr. Ebbert!

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